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Dont You Care - The Chords (4) - Dont You Care / You Got What It Takes (Vinyl)


  1. May 12,  · C I'm a normal alien Chorus () Bb Eb We thought we were alone Bb But we had just started Eb We thought we left home Bb But we never departed Eb There's poison in the air Gm But we don't care Break () F F Dm C F F Dm C Verse 2 () F Tell you what I'll do Dm We can fall in love C Take me home with you F I'll do what you.
  2. E B Well I worked all night and day to try and please you B E To buy the things I never could afford E B Now the well's gone dry for me so I must leave you A B E But I don't care if you love me anymore Well you go out on the town with eyes of cheatin' To see a world you've never seen before But my heart was alway's there to take a beatin' I don't care if you love me anymore Chorus: A E You.
  3. #PLEASE NOTE# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study.
  4. Why don't you D tell me? Am. Instead of D telling lies Am. And D making me cry, Can't you D see G you're hurting Gm me? Don't you D care? Em. Don't you D care? Em What ever D happened to all the Em good times we used to G♯m have? The Em times we cried and A7 laughed, I wanna D know, I wanna D know, Will you G ever love me a G7 gain or will I.
  5. E E7 E E7 I've got a long way to go baby, E E7 E Woman don't you cry for m-e. VERSE 1: E E7 E Ain't got time to play, E E7 E E7 I don't need no complication. E E7 E E7 I've got a long way to go baby, E E7 E Woman don't you cry for m-e.
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  7. D - Em Don you care D Don you care? Em Eb G/D B7 Br: What ever happened all the good times we used to have? Em A7 D D The times we cried and laughed I wanna know, I wanna know? G G7 C Cm Will you ever love me again or will I find out this is the end? G - F G Don you care Don you care?
  8. Apr 22,  · Well, I don't care if the sun don't shine. I get my lovin' in the evening time When I'm with my baby. Well, it ain't no fun with the sun around. I get going when the sun goes down And I'm with my.

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