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Strange Water - Sunken By Seaweed (Cassette)


  1. Cape man finds a sunken treasure. What he spotted in the water a week ago could add to Southwest Florida's history. A strange configuration of seaweed first caught his eye.
  2. Defunct noise label run by Daniel Dlugosielski. The label was active from This discography is complete, with the exception of these private releases: EXBX Polish hex - For Thousand Year Frog 4 tape boxset made for the artist Thousand Year Frog. EXBX Uneven Universe - Garden Of Life C60 This tape was buried in.
  3. "Strange magic is threaded through the bone and bedrock of the fortress." "The stone and crystals are thrumming in the heat of the water and are much too hot to touch." "The blue flame, though small, is still incredibly hot causing the water around it to almost boil." "The lichen in .
  4. Storm Davis - "Only Built 4 Cuban Sandwiches" Cassette + Extras $ Storm Davis - Songs I Made with Poorly Drawn People 2-TAPE+CD SetMissing: Seaweed.
  5. Thus, the faster we can get larger plastic items out of the water, the better chance we have to reduce the problem of microplastics. Stromkind addresses this problem with a patented SEMP-Filter cassette option for its maritime drone platform. Microplastics can be filtered, while the main body of the water remains largely untouched.
  6. Epiphytes do inhabit water spaces as well, which defies the conception that epiphytes are “air” plants. Aquatic epiphytes grow in fresh and saltwater and attach to sunken logs, rocks, corals, other aquatic plants. Some types of seaweed are epiphytes.
  7. “Russian Wreck” Off Zabagad Island, South Egyptian Red Sea Known only as the “ Russian Wreck ”, the mysterious sunken ship was discovered in beneath eighty feet (24m) of water. Some say that this ship was the “Khanka,” a fishing trawler believed to have sunk in the area.
  8. Jun 01,  · More than shipwrecks lie on the bottom of Long Island Sound, the remains of vessels from the 17th to the 20th centuries doomed by storms, fog or human error. An expanse of water known to divers.

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