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The Ocean Floor - Icecream Hands - You Can Ride My Bike - The Best Of Icecream Hands (CD)


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  2. Prior to the band's fifth and final album, a 'best of' compilation, titled The Best of the Ice Cream Hands - You Can Ride My Bike was released by Rubber Records on the first day of Containing 43 songs, the live performance that coincided with the release of the compilation was described by an Australian music journalist as "strong, poetic.
  3. Cargo Bike / Ice Cream Bike: After my 1st successful attempt at building a trike to carry my dog about in, here's my 2nd build of a Ice Cream Bike / Cargo bike which is built slightly different & is for sale if anyone wants 1 ready made & for a very reasonable price.
  4. As a greatest hits package You Can Ride My Bike gives the listener a broad overview of the band, not only showcasing radio singles, but also the other gems they sought to leave their fans with by way of b-sides. If you like good Australian indie pop, its worth checking out this greatest hits album, as Icecream Hands ar.
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  6. For a debut album, Australia's Ice Cream Hands' Travelling Made Easy is quite an accomplished and ambitious effort. Instead of ever taking the easy road and resorting to guitar-drenched rockers or ballad schlock, Travelling Made Easy immediately set up the blueprint of Ice Cream Hands.
  7. If you have ice cream, I will give it to you. If you have no ice cream, I will take it away from you. It is an Ice Cream Koan. Something that looks like a Koan (a Chinese Buddhist riddle meant to encourage contemplation), walks like a koan, quacks like a koan, but lacks substance.
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