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  1. Magnetic helps advertisers and their agencies get the very best return from the rich engagement opportunities offered by multi-channel magazine brands.
  2. 16 synonyms of magnetic from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 26 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for magnetic. Magnetic: having an often mysterious or magical power to attract. Synonyms: alluring, appealing, attractive Antonyms: .
  3. The magnetic field is sometimes referred to as magnetic induction or magnetic flux density; it is always symbolized by B. Magnetic fields are measured in units of tesla (T). (Another unit of measure commonly used for B is the gauss, though it is no longer considered a standard unit.
  4. Magnetic Me baby clothing, with patented magnetic fasteners, is the absolute easiest way to dress a baby. Shop footies, onepieces, sets, accessories, and more!
  5. The idea for investigating a possible connection between ice and Earth's magnetic history arose far from the source of the planet's ice -- on the sunny isle of Corsica, where Prof. Oded Aharonson.
  6. Magnet definition, a body, as a piece of iron or steel, that possesses the property of attracting certain substances, as iron. See more.
  7. magnetic definition: 1. with the power of a magnet 2. used to describe someone whose personality attracts a lot of. Learn more.
  8. May 26,  · Magnetic field, a vector field in the neighborhood of a magnet, electric current, or changing electric field, in which magnetic forces are observable. Magnetic fields such as that of Earth cause magnetic compass needles and other permanent magnets to line up in the direction of the field.

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