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  1. Animal slaughter is the killing of animals, usually referring to killing domestic livestock. It is estimated that each year 70 billion land animals are slaughtered for food. In general, the animals would be killed for food; however, they might also be slaughtered for other reasons such as being diseased and unsuitable for consumption.
  2. The pending bill prohibits "the shipping, transporting, moving, delivering, receiving, possessing, purchasing, selling or donation of horses and other equines to be slaughtered for human consumption." Opponents of the bill argue that slaughterhouses provide a .
  3. slaughter noun [U] (KILLING ANIMALS) the killing of animals for their meat, or the killing of large numbers of animals in a cruel manner slaughter noun [U] (KILLING PEOPLE) the killing of large .
  4. the killing or butchering of cattle, sheep, etc., especially for food. the brutal or violent killing of a person. the killing of great numbers of people or animals indiscriminately; carnage: the slaughter of war. verb .
  5. Apr 14,  · The claim: Smithfield Foods was recently sold to China with unanimous support of its stockholders. The hogs will be slaughtered and processed .
  6. Slaughtered by Rhyn, who had taken her head the same way his brothers took the head of Rhyn's demoness mother. 0. 0. The Fyrd who had left the shield wall were then ambushed and slaughtered by Norman cavalry. 0. 0. animals slaughtered for BSE is calculated in .
  7. Slaughter definition is - the act of killing; specifically: the butchering of livestock for market. How to use slaughter in a sentence.
  8. Sep 27,  · Directed by Kate Glover. With Chloé Boreham, Christopher Tomkinson, Steven O'Donnell, Cassandra Swaby. Kate Glover's gory 'slasher' movie is set during one terrifying night at a remote pub in the Australian outback. When a new worker joins the group of bar staff, the sexual tension starts to rise and so too does the body count, as something horrifying is lurking beneath them in the /10().

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