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Some Things Get Better With Age


  1. As the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait. Though fresh, hot meals are put on a pedestal, full-fledged meals beyond wine and cheese get better with age too. In fact, when braised Author: Allison Milam.
  2. Feb 22,  · Things That Are Better With Age do exist ladies, they are everywhere around us and, oh guess what? You are one of them! Not every stone turns into a diamond, not every Shiraz will taste good after it’s uncorked and not every bag is a Chanel but we we don’t have to let the faith decide if we’ll end up being on the list of things that are better with age – we can take the matters.
  3. Jan 01,  · by Charles Sizemore | January 1, Some things get better with age. Wine, whiskey, a properly humidified cigar come to mind. In the investment world, there are dividend growth stocks.
  4. Some things get better with age. Wine, whiskey, a properly humidified cigar Other things not so much. Take my knees and rotator cuffs, for example. Against all better judgment, I joined an over men’s basketball league, and we had a game last night. We won and it was a blast.
  5. Dec 21,  · Bonds, preferred stock and high-yield (but no-growth) dividend stocks might pay you a fantastic income stream today. But over the course of a retirement, you run the real risk of having your.
  6. Jul 23,  · Some things get better with age such as wine, cowboy boots, blue jeans, rib-eye steaks, balsamic vinegar and some human beings. Older people are not quietly go into the sunset and retiring. Successful entrepreneurs are getting older! The young entrepreneurs may get more press, but there are many older people becoming entrepreneurs.
  7. Mar 26,  · “Cast iron only gets better with age,” says Mira Calton, RD, author of Rich Food, Poor Food. “Best part is you can find them for cheap at yard sales and clean them well.” 9 of 51Author: Sarah Wassner Flynn.
  8. Some things get better with age.. You're one of them! Happy Birthday.. Birthday Quotes Cards For Friends.
  9. Things are often said to improve with age. Headline from the March 2nd USA Today: "Like a fine wine, brain can improve with age" If the thing actually does not improve, but the person looking back on it seems to think it is better, that could be considered nostalgia.

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