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  1. Welcome to the PlanetSide 2 wiki that anybody can edit! We would like you to spread the word about this wiki. PlanetSide 2 is a MMO FPS set in the world of auraxis.
  2. In the Universal Century timeline, space colonies are placed at five gravitationally stable points in space, known as Lagrangian points. In most cases, a Lagrangian Point is home to more than one group of space colonies. A group of colonies that occupy a Lagrangian Point are known collectively as a "Side".
  3. Side2Side is a clothing line that was established in Our mission through God, is to promote racial unity and racial peace, and we express that through our clothing.
  4. Side 2 is a cluster of colonies featured in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin and its OVA nanconthightablasiredicxitodopo.xyzinfoller: Hatte.
  5. side (sīd) n. 1. Mathematics a. A line bounding a plane figure. b. A surface bounding a solid figure. 2. a. A surface of an object, especially a surface joining a top and bottom: the four sides of a box. b. A surface of an object that lies on the left or right of that object as viewed from the front or back: From the shore, I watched my friends dive.
  6. PlanetSide 2 is a revolutionary massive scale first-person shooter where soldiers battle as one in strategic, targeted missions against enemy empires in an all-out planetary war. The game challenges the skill and grit of the most seasoned soldier through intense infantry, air, and ground vehicle gameplay.
  7. 2Sides (Side 1) is the first of two extended plays (EPs) that were intended to form American singer Jason Derulo's fifth studio album nanconthightablasiredicxitodopo.xyzinfo first EP was released on November 8, , through Beluga Heights Records and Warner Records. 2Sides is Derulo's first album since 's Platinum Hits but his first album of new material since Everything Is 4 ().Label: Beluga Heights, Warner.
  8. Side definition, one of the surfaces forming the outside of or bounding a thing, or one of the lines bounding a geometric figure. See more.

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